Global refresher - Documents - January 31, 2024

We're happy to share a recording of the live Global refresher session about Documents that we organized for our clients on January 31, 2024.

Global refreshers are part of our commitment to proactively update you about the latest features and enhancements available on the platform. We are confident that the knowledge gained during these sessions will contribute to our users' success on the platform.

Supporting documentation

See the following articles for detailed information about the topics covered in this refresher:

Topic Articles
Navigating to Documents How to navigate to Documents
Creating document types How to create a document type
Creating document reminders How to remind employees of upcoming document expiry dates
Uploading required documents
Uploading general documents How to upload documents that are not marked as missing
Viewing shared documents

Viewing and working with documents shared with you

Setting up audiences for Documents "Defining the senior management audience" in (Tutorial) Creating a folder for your organization documents
Sharing documents

For employees:

For platform admins:

Creating a default folder structure

For a complete walkthrough of working with Documents, see:

These articles will help you understand features of Documents and your capabilities on the platform based on your job function.

Queries and requests

For additional information, queries, and requests, you can contact your account manager, submit a request, or send us an email.

We thank you for your continued support!

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