(Mobile application) Release Notes - March 2024

Platform Mobile application

We're proud to announce the release of our all-new mobile application.

Introducing the Yomly mobile app

Since 2020, we have supported and extended the functionality of our feature-rich HR and payroll platform to your mobile phone to enable you to stay connected, access your HR information, and perform administrative tasks on the go.

We're thrilled to announce our new mobile app, which brings our intuitive technology to your fingertips in a sleek new design.

What's new

In the new mobile app, we bring you the following new features, enhancements, and capabilities:

Enhancement Description
Simplified login

Logging in to the new mobile app is very simple and quick. To log in, you can scan your QR code or enter your business URL.


Your personal QR code is is available in your profile in the web app. For detailed information, see the Mobile app login QR code section in this article.

If your organization uses simple user authentication, then when you scan you QR code, your business URL and username are automatically filled. You only need to enter your password.

Therefore, logging in by scanning your QR code saves you the effort of manually entering most of your credentials.


If your organization authenticates users using an external Identity Provider (IdP), then when you scan your QR code or enter your business URL, you are redirected to your federated login screen to complete the login process.

After logging in, your access to Yomly is typically uninterrupted. Unless you manually log out, you remain logged in and are automatically re-authenticated when required.

Account activation through login

As a new Yomly user, you can even activate your account by logging in to the new mobile app.

Your account activation email contains your personal QR code, which you can scan to log in.

If your organization uses non-federated login, your initial password, which is encoded in your QR code, is auto-filled in the login screen. After activating your account, you can change your password based on your preferences and your company's password security requirements.

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Biometric authentication

To prevent unauthorized access to the app on your mobile phone and protect your personal information, documents, payslips and more, you can enable Biometric Authentication from the app settings.


When this setting is enabled, your mobile phone's biometric authentication (such as Face ID, fingerprint ID, passcode, and more) is used to verify your identity before allowing access to the app.

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Enhanced look and feel

The new mobile app showcases our Yomly branding as part of its user interface (UI) design.

Themes (display modes)

You can work in Light or Dark theme or automatically switch between themes based on your mobile phone settings.


You can select your preferred theme from the app settings.


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Localized Arabic mobile app

The new mobile app is also available in Arabic with localized content that is optimized for the RTL orientation.

You can select your preferred language (English or Arabic) from the app settings.


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Ability of non-federated users to change their own passwords

If your organization uses non-federated login methods, you can change the password configured for your own Yomly account even from the mobile app.

To do this, on the navigation screen, tap Change password.


Capabilities, enhancements, and new (mobile-only) features in Yomly features

In the mobile app, you can do the following in the following features:

Feature Capabilities, enhancements, and new features
Dashboard and navigation

The dashboard is the home screen of the new mobile app. The dashboard summarizes, consolidates, and displays information from different features. This enables you to view their highlights at a glance and stay up to date on the go.


From the dashboard, you can quickly and easily navigate to the different features. To do this, on the right of the feature you want to navigate to, tap View all.

You can also tap the    icon in the tab bar at the bottom of the screen to navigate to different features available in the app.


In the tab bar, you can tap the shortcuts-icon.png icon for shortcuts to the following frequent actions:

  • Requesting leave
  • Requesting expense reimbursement
  • Downloading payslips
  • Accessing help resources


To return to the dashboard when working with any feature, tap the home-icon.png icon in the tab bar.


Employee profiles

In employee profiles, you can view employee information in the following tabs:


Information related to employment at your organization, such as the following details, and more:

  • Job title
  • Business contact information
  • Start date of employment
  • Internal employee code
  • Type of contract
  • Working pattern
  • Eligibility for dependents' benefits



The employee's personal information, such as the following details, and more:

  • First, last, and preferred name
  • Personal contact information and home address
  • Identification information, such as date of birth, gender, and nationality
  • Emergency contacts


Ability to edit your personal information

You can edit your own personal information.


Ability to add emergency contacts

When editing your personal information, you can add one or multiple emergency contacts.


Ability to change your profile picture

When editing your personal information, you can update your profile picture.

To do this, tap the edit-profile-picture-icon.png icon in the bottom-right corner of your current profile picture and upload your new picture.



The employee's salary structure and breakdown across pay components.


Ability to download your payslips

You can also download the latest and older salary payslips.



A list of everyone who directly reports to the employee.

For quick reference, each direct report's profile picture and job title is also displayed.


This tab enables you to understand your organization's structure better.

This tab is available only in profiles of employees who have direct reports.

Ability to navigate to a report's profile

You can also tap any report's name to navigate to their profile.


In profiles of your reports or any other employees, you can view only the information that you have access to based on your access level and audience.


In Leave, you can request leave and manage leave requests.


You can do the following:

  • Review your leave entitlement, days used, and balance for each leave type that you can avail.

  • Request leave.

  • Take and instantly upload photos or upload existing files from your mobile phone when attaching supporting documents to your leave requests

  • View your leave history

  • Approve and manage leave requests of other employees

Leave V2

We're delighted to announce that Leave V2 is available in our new mobile app.

In previous versions of Leave, the process of leave approval was governed by approval groups. In Leave V2, leave approval is governed by a pipeline.

In Yomly, pipelines enable organizations to:

  • Implement custom approval processes
  • Task specific audiences of employees with actioning different stages of the workflow.

Platform admins can set up the leave pipeline when configuring platform settings in the web app.


In Documents, your documents are organized in your folders, which are organized in the My Folders and Shared With Me tabs.


You can do the following:

  • Create folders and upload documents from your mobile phone to them.

  • Upload your missing required documents.

  • Sort the list of folders and documents.

  • Filter documents by type for quick access.

We're excited to introduce following mobile-only features in Documents:

Ability to bookmark documents

You can mark important documents (that you need to frequently revisit) as favourites.


You can quickly access your bookmarked documents from the following places:

  •   The Documents section in the dashboard


  •  The Favourites tab in Documents


Ability to share documents externally

You can share the documents available in Yomly directly with other apps.


This feature enables you to collaborate with your team even if they are unable to work in Yomly at any time.


In Expenses, you can request expense reimbursements and manage expense requests.


You can do the following:

  • Create expense requests.

  • Take and instantly upload photos or upload existing files from your mobile phone when attaching receipts for expense items.

  • Submit expense requests for approval

  • Approve and manage requests of other employees

  • Search for previously-created expense requests.

  • Filter expense requests by status (such as Draft, Pending, Approved, and more) for quick access.

Similar to leave approval, the approval process in Expenses is also governed by the configured pipeline.

We're excited to introduce following mobile-only feature in Expenses:

Optical character recognition (OCR) for receipts

Yomly scans your uploaded receipts, extracts key information, and auto-fills the following expense item and amount details:

Section Field Description
Expense item details Description OCR extracts the title or description of the expense if this information is available in the receipt.
Amount details Amount OCR extracts the total expense amount, which includes any VAT.
VAT OCR extracts the VAT amount and Yomly calculates its percentage with respect to the total amount.

In Tasks, you can review and manage your tasks from across the platform.

Based on your access level and audiences that you are part of, you might even be able to review, manage, and action tasks assigned to other employees.


You can do the following:

  • View and mark to-dos as complete.

    To-dos are tasks related to different Yomly features that might require offline actions (different from or additional to simple approval).

    For example, HR and recruitment teams might be assigned onboarding to-dos, such as sending invitations to new employees to attend the new joiner induction event.

  • Filter to-dos by assignee (you or other employees)

  • View and accept or reject business travel requests.

  • Review and action tasks related to any feature governed by a pipeline.

    For example, you can review tasks related to leave and expense requests and approve or reject the requests.

    Our Professional Services team provides a service to help you customize the information displayed in the mobile app in tasks related to features based on pipelines.

    For example, for leave request tasks, you might want to display key information such as leave types and dates.

    To engage our Professional Services team, contact your account manager or submit a request.

Simplified navigation

To quickly navigate to Tasks, you can simply click the tasks-icon.png icon in the tab bar.



In Community, you can view recent articles posted to your organization's community board.


You can filter articles by type (such as announcements, news, offers, and more).


In Benefits, you can view employee benefits provided to you by your organization.


You can view the following kinds of benefits:

Medical benefits

You can do the following:

  • View the details of your medical insurance policy

  • View the list of medical facilities (such as clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, and more) in your insurer's network on a map. You can search for facilities on the map and filter the displayed facilities by type.

  • View your medical insurance card

  • Upload receipts for medical claims



If your organization provides you with any offers, discounts, promotions, and more, you can view their details in the following places:

  •   The Benefits section in the dashboard


  •   The Offers section in Benefits


Employee directory

The employee directory lists employees in your organization.


You can do the following:

  • Browse the list of employees in your organization and contact anyone directly by phone or email

  • Tap the name of any listed employee to navigate to their profile

  • Gain insights about the availability of other employees

  • Search for employees by name

  • Filter the employee directory by team

You can view, contact, and navigate to profiles of only employees whose information have access to based on your access level and audience.

Simplified navigation

To navigate to your employee directory, tap the people-icon.png icon in the tab bar.


Additional information

The following features that were available in the legacy (EmiratesHR) mobile app are not currently available in the new mobile app:

  •   Ability to clock in and clock out
  •   Letter requests
  •   Business travel requests
  •  Calendar
  •  List of locations
  •  Information about attendance

When we release a new version of the mobile app:

  •   If the new version does not majorly impact app functionality or contain key feature enhancements, updating the app is optional.

    Although a notification to update the app is displayed in a pop-up, you can dismiss it.

  •   If the new version contains critical updates, major bug fixes, or key feature enhancements, updating the app is mandatory.

    You can't continue working in the old version of the app.

For additional information, you can contact your account manager, send us an email or submit a request.

We thank you for your continued support!

Platform Web application

As part of the release of our all-new mobile application, we're excited to announce the following enhancements to employee profiles on the web application.

What's new

In this release, we bring you the following new features and enhancements in employee profiles:

Enhancement Description
Mobile app login QR code

Your employee profile contains your personal QR code, which enables you to log in to the Yomly mobile app quickly and conveniently.

To view your QR code, in the upper-right corner of your profile, click Scan QR Code.


To log in to the mobile app, you can simply scan this QR code.

For information about how to complete the login process in the mobile app, see the Simplified login section in this article.

Ability to change passwords of non-federated users

As a platform admin, you can change the password of any Yomly user who is authenticated using non-federated login methods.

You can do this in any of the following ways:

  •   Send a password recovery email to enable employees to change their passwords themselves.

  •   Generate new passwords on behalf of employees and share it with them.

You can do both of these from the Account tab on employee profiles.

For more information

Additional information

For additional information, you can contact your account manager, send us an email or submit a request.

We thank you for your continued support!

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