New templates for customizing employee salary payslips

We are excited to introduce four new templates to help you customize your employee salary payslips.

Each template provides you with a unique layout, enables you to display different kind of information based on your requirements, and therefore, provides you with more flexibility in customization.

Additionally, when you configure the Template - 4 payroll template for your business, you can enable employees to view their year to date (YTD) earnings in their salary payslips.

The following samples illustrate how you can customize your employee payslips using each of the four templates:

Template - 1 Template - 2 Template - 3 Template - 4

Information marked as missing in this sample simply indicates that the respective data is missing in the employee's profile.


Selecting a payslip template for your business

As a platform admin, you can select a different payslip template from your payroll settings in your business settings.


For detailed information, see How do I change the payslip template configured for my business?

Customizing the start date for YTD calculations

By default, the calculation of YTD earnings starts from January 1st of the current year. However, as a platform admin, you can set up a custom start date for calculating YTD earnings.

For example, you could set up YTD calculations to start from the beginning of your organization's financial year.

You can enter your preferred start date in the YTD Date field when customizing payslip preferences from your business settings.


This option is available for customization in payslip preferences only if you have previously set up Template - 4 as your payroll template.

For detailed information, see Can I customize the start date for YTD calculations in salary payslips?

Displaying division addresses in payslips

When customizing payslip preferences from your business settings, you can select the Use Division Address checkbox to display respective division addresses instead of the address of the organization's main branch in employee payslips.


The division address of an organizational unit (OU), such as a branch or division, is the address specified in the OU's details in the organization chart.

For detailed information, see Can I display the office address of my division on employee payslips?

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