Default document folder structure

We're thrilled to announce a new feature that makes organizing and sharing documents significantly easier and more convenient.

Previously, the only default folders available in Documents were auto-generated system folders, such as Required documents, in which employees could organize their personal documents.

This feature provides you with the ability to create your own default folder structure based on your custom requirements. The default folder structure you create will be available in Documents in addition to the existing system folders.

Creating a default folder structure for your business

The new Default Document folders preference in your business settings enables you to create your default folder structure.


When customizing this preference, you can do the following:

  • Create a collection of default folders, of which each folder has up to one level of subfolders
  • Configure the business proxy user or the respective employee themself as the owner of each folder and subfolder

  • Configure granular permission-based access for different audiences to each folder and subfolder

  • Apply your default folder structure instantly to all new employees. Optionally, you can also apply your changes to all existing employees during the (pre-scheduled) overnight maintenance for your business.

For the detailed procedure, see Creating a default folder structure for your business.

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