Release Notes - October 16, 2023

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We're proud to announce a new release with an exciting enhancement to our platform and brand.

Introducing Yomly

Since our launch in 2018, we have evolved from a team of 10 employees, passionately building a UAE-focused HR and payroll platform, to over 80 expert software developers, product designers, and implementation professionals, striving to deliver an incredible human capital management solution on a global level.

Our fully customizable platform now has over 60,000 users from multi-national companies in over 50+ countries logging in daily.

We're thrilled to announce Yomly; our next stage of development.


Yomly is BIG, bold, and reflects our dedication to our mission of creating the best HR and payroll software possible.

With no disruption to your familiar user experience, our first phase of rebranding includes the following updates and platform enhancements:

Enhanced look and feel of the platform

The new Yomly branding is integrated with both the platform's UI, such as the login page, dashboard, and different features, as well as exportable assets, such as employee payslips.

Login page Dashboard Platform features Payslips

The following image illustrates the new default look and feel of the platform. You'll still be able to view any custom branding and styles configured for your business.


New corporate website

We're happy to present our new corporate website.


Updated domains and email contact information

All domains for our platform and communication are affixed with "".

Don't forget to update your firewalls and email spam protection systems to seamlessly receive updates and notifications from us!

We have also updated our email contact information. You can now email us at:

Contact Email
Customer Support
Other queries and feedback

Additional information

You'll notice that your old bookmarks will continue to work for a time. However, we recommend that you bookmark the new locations. The URLs will automatically be updated.

For additional information, you can contact your account manager or submit a request.

We thank you for your continued support!

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